The Panorama Vision

Welcome to Panorama Radiology Specialists.

We’re passionate about our craft and committed to providing a premium, comprehensive independent medical imaging service to the Gold Coast community using our industry-leading technology, with a focus on caring, personalised service.

Founded by Dr Angus Watts in April 2023, our brand may be new, but our team of experienced professionals is well established and highly respected, having proudly served our local community since 2004.

Panorama Radiology Specialists founding radiologist Dr Angus Watts (left), with Dr Sam Kruger (right). Dr Watts and Dr Kruger are both Fellowship-trained musculoskeletal and interventional radiologists, and uniquely offer a personalised subspecialist musculoskeletal and imaging-guided pain management service to the Gold Coast community, using industry-leading technology, and supported by a highly experienced technologist team.

As the only comprehensive, doctor-owned radiology clinic in the Benowa medical precinct, we take pride in providing personalised specialist medical imaging and procedural services for referring clinicians and patients, and are committed to delivering exceptional diagnostic imaging using state of the art technology.

After almost two decades serving the Gold Coast community, Dr Watts came to believe that the optimal environment in which to provide patient-focussed imaging services lay in a comprehensive independent clinic with a personalised focus, delivered by a highly skilled team using state of the art technology, who understand that medical imaging isn’t about spreadsheets… it’s about people.

Panorama Radiology Specialists team
Panorama Radiology Specialists team members Sam, Nikki, Dr Watts, Zoe, Helen and Ash with our industry-leading low dose 640 slice CT scanner under the watchful eye of our mascot Moby the humpback.

Comprehensive Services.

Panorama Radiology Specialists offers a comprehensive range of radiology services including –

Our subspecialty services including specialist musculoskeletal imaging, imaging-guided pain management, ultra-low dose CT Coronary Angiography and CT Calcium Scoring, Prostate mpMRI and MRI Discography (MRI Disc Spectroscopy).

Panorama Radiology Specialists offer Bulk Billing of all Medicare-eligible referrals.

Leading Experience.

Panorama Radiology Specialists’ principal radiologist, Dr Angus Watts, has provided diagnostic and interventional radiology services to the Gold Coast community since 2004, including services to John Flynn and Pindara Private Hospitals as a former Managing Partner and Clinical Director at SCR. Angus has completed advanced subspecialty Fellowships in Musculoskeletal Imaging and Interventional Radiology, is a CT Coronary Angiography accredited reader, a member of the Australasian Musculoskeletal Imaging Group and the Cardiac Society of Australia-New Zealand.

Angus has earned a reputation over almost two decades for his meticulous approach to accurate diagnosis and precise, results-driven imaging-guided pain management for spine & joint conditions and injuries. Angus served as a musculoskeletal radiologist at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, has regularly consulted with many of the Gold Coast’s leading specialists on complex and challenging cases, and is committed to ongoing education and exploring leading-edge technologies, to enable the Panorama team to remain at the forefront of medical imaging.

State of the Art Technology.

At Panorama Radiology Specialists, as an independent doctor-owned clinic, we uniquely understand the needs and expectations of our patients and referring clinicians, which is why we are committed to providing premium, personalised services using leading edge technology. Our team is committed to exploring new and innovative technologies that offer clinically proven benefits, pushing the boundaries of radiation dose minimisation for CT, EOS and X-Ray imaging and embracing emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence image enhancement.

Our state of the art 640-slice CT scanner is capable of scanning the entire heart in just 0.27 of a second and is equipped with AI Deep Learning technology to enable the clearest possible images inside the Coronary Arteries at dramatically reduced radiation doses, around 80% lower than conventional CT machines (or equivalent to 5 Chest X-Rays). This technology holds the potential to change the traditional clinical paradigm of Coronary Artery disease management, enabling early diagnosis and treatment of silent Coronary Artery disease, still the leading cause of death in adults worldwide.

Our 3T wide bore MRI scanner is industry-leading technology fitted with MRI CINEMA for in-scan audiovisual entertainment, noise reduction technology that significantly reduces obtrusive in-scan MRI noise, state of the art AI image enhancement that pushes the boundaries of visualising subtle anatomical structures such as tiny nerves and ligaments; and is enabled to perform specialised techniques such as MRI Discography (Spectroscopy) which aids localisation of chronic discogenic back pain; high definition Prostate mpMRI which enables early detection of small prostate cancers, and groundbreaking Diffusion Tensor Imaging and MRI Tractography which uniquely enables high definition mapping of neural pathways and disrupted muscle fibres in sports injuries.

Panorama Radiology Specialists’ team of highly trained technologists and sonographers have leading expertise across the full range of imaging services, and our friendly reception team strive to provide as comfortable and positive an experience as possible.  We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about a procedure, billings, reports or our services.

We realise there are a myriad of medical imaging operators in the market, the majority of which are operated by large corporate providers. Many providers offer a wide variety of service quality, clinical experience and even qualifications – details of which are not always transparent to the client.

At Panorama we are committed to providing friendly, personalised care, leading sub-specialist experience, premium technology, and prompt, accurate results.

Our large-format Benowa clinic is conveniently located at 117 Ashmore Rd, Benowa in the heart of the medical precinct, just 2 minutes from Pindara Private Hospital. The clinic offers easy ground floor access and over 90 on-site car parks, and is located within the new Benowa Medical Hub complex behind AMart.

Panorama Radiology Specialists is owned and operated by experienced healthcare professionals who have proudly served our local Gold Coast community since 2004.

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