Prostate mpMRI

Prostate Multiparametric MRI Scan

Prostate mpMRI (multiparametric MRI) is a complex but groundbreaking MRI technology that is changing how prostate cancer is diagnosed and managed. The technology uniquely enables direct visualisation of prostate cancer tissue on MRI, an achievement thought to be impossible just a decade ago.

Panorama Radiology Specialists offer the most advanced 3T MRI technology on the Gold Coast with dedicated software specifically tailored to produce the highest possible resolution images of the prostate gland, enabling visualisation of small tumours as small as 4mm, and aiding the distinction between benign and malignant prostate disease. Prostate mpMRI is currently revolutionising the way prostate cancer is detected and managed, although like all cancer screening tests, the technology is not 100% accurate and some tumors may not be detected due to technical factors, small size or lower grade lesions or background benign disease.

Prostate mpMRI is typically be interpreted in conjunction with clinical factors including serum PSA and any change in PSA. We do request referring clinicians document the current serum PSA result on the referral form to aid interpretation of the scan.

Prostate lesions are assigned a grading score under the International standard mpMRI PIRADS reporting system of 1 to 5, with higher scoring lesions implying a higher likelihood of malignancy.

Panorama Radiology Specialists’ principal radiologist, Dr Angus Watts, trained in prostate mpMRI interpretation with pioneering mpMRI radiologist Dr Eamonn McAteer, whose keen insight into this complex field helped bring mpMRI technology into mainstream clinical practice on the Gold Coast.

Prostate mpMRI referrals should be accompanied by clinical information including a recent PSA result, any older PSA results, and any relevant clinical information.

What Does A Prostate mpMRI Involve?

Our wide-bore 3T MRI scanner is uniquely equipped with MRI CINEMA to allow you to enjoy audio-visual entertainment during your scan, MRI noise reduction technology which significantly reduces obtrusive in-scan noise, and Deep Resolve image enhancement technology which significantly improves visualisation of fine structures.

Typically the scan is performed following an injection of Buscopan, which helps temporarily reduce bowel contractions which can cause image artefacts on Prostate MRI. Patients are also asked to evacuate their bowels prior to the study to limit artefact. An injection of MRI contrast is given for the scan, which assists in detection of subtle prostate lesions.

A Prostate mpMRI scan takes around 30 minutes in our Benowa Gold Coast clinic.

Prostate mpMRI Fees

PRS charge a subsidised out-of-pocket fee for prostate mpMRI scans. Please ask our friendly staff for more information on our MRI billing policy.

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