Imaging Guided Biopsy

What Is An Imaging Guided Biopsy?

Many image guided biopsies and fine needle aspiration procedures are performed using CT and Ultrasound guidance under local anaesthesia. At Panorama Radiology Specialists, our Gold Coast based radiologists have undergone advanced subspecialist training in interventional radiology and have extensive experience performing safe, accurate, imaging-guided biopsies with a patient-centric focus. Our imaging technology is leading-edge, to ensure your procedure is safe, accurate and involves minimal discomfort.

Imaging guided biopsy procedures in our Benowa Gold Coast clinic are typically quick and involve minimal discomfort.

Your results including pathology results will be sent to your referring doctor, typically within 2 working days.

You will need to book a follow-up appointment to see your referring doctor who will discuss your results with you.

Please ask our friendly staff for more information about your biopsy, and advise us if you take any blood thinning medication which in some cases may need to be temporarily withheld.

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