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Our Team’s Core Values :

Respect. Professionalism. Outstanding Service. Continuing Education.

At Panorama Radiology Specialists, our team’s core values are built on a foundation of respect for our patients, referrers, and fellow team members. We value professionalism, take pride in our work, are committed to exceptional imaging, exploring innovative technologies and ongoing professional development to enable us to stay at the forefront of our craft. 

PRS strives to provide a caring, patient-focused service in a ‘family’ style team culture. We value initiative, self-development, and effective communication and encourage constructive feedback to help us provide the highest quality medical imaging service. 

If you believe you have the right skill set, a positive and enthusiastic attitude, the ability to work through challenges calmly and efficiently, and have values that align with ours, we’d love to hear from you.

A career with Panorama Radiology Specialists offers a unique lifestyle in Australia’s fastest-growing city, the Gold Coast, working alongside a highly experienced, approachable and supportive team, where professionalism, leading technology and professional development blend seamlessly with sunshine, surf and a vibrant outdoor lifestyle. 

Employment enquiries can be submitted along with a current CV to

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