Your Safety

The safety of our patients and staff is our number one priority.

Our highly trained staff take care to ensure you understand the nature of your scan or procedure, that the most appropriate test or imaging modality is used in your personal clinical circumstances, and that the absolute lowest possible dose of radiation (for X-Ray, CT, EOS and DEXA scans) is used to obtain the highest quality diagnostic images. 

PRS use the latest technology, including CT with AI dose reduction technology, to ensure our imaging studies are performed at industry-leading safety and dose minimization standards. 

Our lead radiologist is highly experienced, with 12 years of medical training including advanced subspecialist Fellowship training in interventional and musculoskeletal radiology, and is well established on the Gold Coast as a leader in these field, with a reputation of offering safe and accurate imaging guided procedures with minimal discomfort. 

However despite our best efforts and the strictest precautions, as with most medical procedures, there is a very rare documented worldwide incidence of complications such as reactions to contrast dye, and exceptionally rare complications from procedures such as bleeding and infection. Our team will provide you with information before your appointment to ensure you understand any hypothetical risks versus the benefits of your procedure. Your referrer has referrered you for your scan or procedure having considered the clinical benefits to outweigh any theoretical risks in your individual circumstances. 

Please don’t hesitate to ask our friendly staff for more information about your scan or procedure. 

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