Our Fees

Panorama Radiology Specialists offers Bulk Billing services for a range of Medicare-eligible referrals including CT Scans, XRays, EOS Spine and Leg Length Scans, Bone Densitometry, Dental Imaging (OPG, Cephalometry and CT Dentascans), and CT-Guided Pain Management Procedures for spine and joint conditions. 

To enable us to provide premium radiology services, some of our services do incur a gap fee. As a doctor-owned clinic we understand the importance of providing affordable medical imaging services, so our gap fees are generally the most affordable in the region.

Ultrasound and Echocardiography Fees

To provide our patients and referrers with the highest quality ultrasound and echocardiography services, including industry-leading technology operated by highly skilled technologists, we do charge a modest gap fee for ultrasound and echocardiography services. 

Most general ultrasound scans incur a gap fee of $70. This may vary for some specialised scans. Ask our team for details.

Pensioners and Healthcare Card Holders

We Bulk Bill all Medicare-eligible referrals for Pensioners and Healthcare Card Holders, including ultrasound, echocardiography and procedures. 

MRI Fees

Panorama offers the most advanced 3T MRI technology available. Our industry-leading Siemens 3T MRI is equipped with Deep Resolve AI image enhancement technology which allows clear visualisation of tiny nerves and ligaments which are often poorly visualised on conventional 3T MRI scanners, allowing more precise and accurate diagnoses. The scanner also offers audiovisual entertainment which makes for a more comfortable scan experience. 

The Australian Federal Government unfortunately doesn’t provide Medicare coverage for new MRI scanners in metropolitan cities at this time. As a new independent clinic this means we do charge a significantly reduced fee for our MRI services. 

Our fee for most routine scans is $295 per region, including scans of the brain, joints or a spinal region. If contrast is required for a scan, this incurs an additional fee of $55. 

Procedure Fees

Most Ultrasound-guided pain management procedures incur a competitive gap fee of $170. 

We Bulk Bill Medicare-eligible procedures for Pensioners and Healthcare Card Holders.

Ultrasound-guided biopsies and aspirations incur a gap fee, please ask our friendly reception staff for details. 

CT Guided Pain Management Fees

Panorama offers Bulk Billing for Medicare-eligible CT-guided pain management procedures including spine and joint injections such as facet blocks, epidural injections, nerve root blocks and SIJ blocks.

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