Our Technology

Our Technology

At Panorama Radiology Specialists we’re passionate about providing the highest quality medical imaging studies, and to achieve that we have invested in industry-leading state of the art technology.

Low Dose 640 Slice CT with AI

PRS’s CT scanner is a state of the art 640-slice ultra-low dose CT scanner equipped with Artificial Intelligence deep learning image enhancement technology, which enables exceptional image quality and dramatically lower radiation doses than conventional CT machines.

Our CT machine uniquely performs Cardiac CT scans in a fraction of a heartbeat (around 270 mSec, faster than the blink of a human eye), and uses AI to enhance image detail and dramatically reduce radiation doses.

Our low dose CT Coronary Angiography (CTCA) studies use –

  • 80% lower radiation dose than conventional CT scanners
  • 90-95% lower radiation dose compared with invasive catheter angiography
  • Unique single-heartbeat acquisition of the entire heart
  • Reduced need for Beta-blockers to lower heart rates due to fast CT ‘shutterspeeds’
  • Highest possible image detail through AI image enhancement
  • Low mean radiation doses, equivalent to around 5 Chest X-Rays
640 slice CT scanner with AI for low-dose CT scans
Panorama Radiology Specialists offers ultra-low dose CT scans using our industry-leading 640 slice CT scanner with AI, in a relaxed and comfortable environment. All CT scans are Bulk Billed for Medicare eligible referrals.

High Resolution 3T MRI with AI

PRS’s state of the art 3T MRI scanner uses AI deep learning image enhancement technology to produce the highest quality image detail, is fitted with unique noise reduction technology meaning scanning is significantly quieter than comparable MRI machines, and offers in-scan audio-visual entertainment to ensure the scan experience is as comfortable as possible.

Our MRI scanner is equipped with advanced Spectroscopy technology to enable MRI Discography, a specialised MRI study which analyses the chemical composition of intervertebral discs to non-invasively determine if a particular disc is likely to be a source of pain. This technology is at the forefront of spinal imaging and may assist in localising the source of discogenic pain, and may offset the requirement for conventional invasive discography.

Our 3T MRI technology includes –

  • Silent Suite technology significantly reducing in-scan noise
  • Artificial Intelligence with deep learning technology to produce unrivalled image detail
  • High definition small parts imaging, including musculoskeletal and neuro-imaging
  • Prostate mpMRI technology for high definition prostate cancer detection and screening
  • MRI Discography of intervertebral discs to aid localisation of the source of back pain
  • In-scan A/V entertainment for optimal patient comfort

Leading Edge Ultrasound Technology

PRS uses leading edge Ultrasound technology, enabling high resolution precision scanning of small parts including fine ligaments, nerves and tendon fibres, women’s imaging including obstetric, pelvic and breast ultrasound, and general ultrasound including vascular, abdominal and paediatric scanning.

EOS Spine & Body Imaging

Our EOS scanner enables full body low-dose imaging of the spine, legs and full body for spinal, orthopaedic and neuromuscular disorders and allows accurate biometric measurements of the spine, hip and knees to assist with planning of non-surgical and surgical management, including precise assessment of the hip and knee for pre arthroplasty planning for total hip and knee replacement surgery.

We also offer the latest X-Ray, Bone Densitometry, Body Composition scanning and dental imaging technology to ensure our patients receive the benefit of the highest standard of medical imaging.

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