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The team at Panorama Radiology Specialists are caring, highly experienced professionals who are committed to delivering the highest quality medical imaging service with a personalised, patient-centric approach.


Our imaging technologists, or radiographers, are a team of highly skilled and caring healthcare professionals with a patient-centric focus and broad experience and skills across the spectrum of medical imaging technology, including 3T MRI, CT imaging including cardiac CT, general X-Ray, EOS full body and spine imaging, dental imaging, Bone Densitometry and Body Composition analysis. Our team are committed to ongoing training and education to allow us to remain at the forefront of medical imaging technology and service delivery.

The technologist team at Panorama Radiology Specialists are an integral part of our local medical community, have extensive experience and training, and as a non-corporate clinic we understand that a premium medical imaging service is about people – not spreadsheets. 

Our team understand and respect the trust required between us a radiology provider, our patients and our referring clinicians, and strive to deliver the highest quality medical imaging service possible to help ensure you and your clinician achieve optimal clinical outcomes.

Panorama’s Chief Technical Officer, Sam Bradshaw, is one of the most highly experienced MRI technologists in the region. Sam is passionate about exceptional MRI image quality, exploring new technologies and providing personalised care for our patients.


Our sonographers are highly skilled ultrasound technologists with extensive experience and training across the full range of general and subspecialist ultrasound imaging, including musculoskeletal imaging, obstetric and general women’s imaging, men’s imaging, paediatric, vascular, urological and abdominal ultrasound, and hepatic elastography.

Our sonographers use industry-leading high resolution ultrasound machines to ensure our scans are of the highest possible standard, and are committed to ongoing training and medical education to keep abreast of emerging technologies and the latest advances in ultrasound imaging.

We understand that having an scan can sometimes be a source of concern, and our staff do their best to help put you at ease, make sure you’re comfortable during your scan, and strive to guide you seamlessly through your appointment, from booking right through to to results delivery.


Our friendly and professional reception team are committed to making your medical imaging appointment as seamless and comfortable an experience as possible, from the time you schedule your appointment either as an ONLINE BOOKING or a TELEPHONE BOOKING, to the day of your test or procedure, right through to the prompt, secure delivery of your results to your clinician and booking folllow-up appointments. Our vibrant reception team understand that having a medical imaging test can sometimes be a source of concern or anxiety, and are happy to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have about your test or procedure, answer any billings enquiries or assist you with any follow up appointments or results enquiries.

Courtney Burdett
Our lovely Business Manager, Courtney Burdett, was formerly a practice manager at SCR Pindara where she worked with other members of our team for almost 2 decades.
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